A Message Regarding A New Auditor and Objects for Corporation

Dear Members,

I trust this letter finds everyone healthy, happy and enjoying this very warm and dry summer. I am reaching out to obtain the approval of the membership today in order to deal with two items that are beyond the scope of the Board’s jurisdiction. 

While our Bylaws do not include a specific method for an email vote to approve a motion, I do not believe that the two items I am putting before you require me to call a Special Meeting that would require members to physically attend. 

What I would propose at this time is to move forward now with my requests via an email vote and then adopt the motions after the fact at the Annual General Meeting this fall. At that time I will put forward an Email Voting Protocol to add to the Bylaws to allow for this in the future.

In order to achieve a quorum, I will need members who are choosing to vote on the Motions to send me an email stating so. That will establish the number of members from which a majority vote will approve or defeat the motion.

Please provide notification by August 5th, 2018.

Item 1

At our Annual General Meeting last October, a reappointment of our current Financial Auditors, Gilmore & Company LLP was duly moved and seconded and approved. 

I am proposing that we rescind that motion for the following reasons. Since I have become President, I have found this firm to be inattentive to the Chapter’s needs while performing their duties as our Auditors and unresponsive to our inquires. Additionally, I believe that our Financial Auditors should be relatively close to allow for face-to-face meetings and interaction when required. When the administration of the Chapter was in the located in the GTA, this was not an issue.

However now that the office is situated in Napanee, it make sense to have one more local. My suggestion is the firm, Secker Ross & Perry LLP in Kingston. I have had dealings with them in the past and find them very professional and qualified. Their website can be found at www.seckerrossperry.com.

I require a Member to make a Motion to rescind the previous Motion regarding the appointment of the Auditors Gilmore & Company LLP, and to include in that same Motion the appointment of Secker Ross & Perry LLP in Kingston. I will then require a seconder for that Motion. Following that I will send it out to the membership to vote.

Item 2

At the Annual General Meeting last year, we approved the rebranding of the Ontario Chapter of COHA, including a name change to the Ontario Petroleum Transporters and Technicians Association. A part of the process in changing our corporate name is adjusting our Corporate Objects. I realize that many of you have never seen them nor consider them an important item, however they are part of the procedure.

I require a Member to make a Motion to adopt the new Objects for the Corporation and a seconder for that Motion. Following that I will send it out to the membership to vote.

Click below to read a copy of our old Objects as well as the wording changes for our new one.

Click to Read Old Objects of Corporation and New Wording Added

A Reminder of the Process

First, please send an email to me that states if you will be voting on the Motions.

Secondly, I will need a Member (s) to move each item and another Member to second the Motion. I will then send it out to registered Members for a vote.

I will also include a time period that the voting will take place when the notice of voting is sent out. 

Thank you for your interest and participation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Jim Wood