OPTTA Emergency Spills Response Training Now Available

May 30th, 2019
Durham Fuels, 4333 Hwy 2, Newtonville

This ½ day program instructs petroleum transporters, distributors and their drivers on the proper emergency response when an accidental release of petroleum product occurs. The seminar reviews the requirement of an Emergency Response Program, spill kit components, and clarifies the correct actions and steps commonly found in most company's ERP.

Additionally, it provides hands-on instruction where drivers respond to live scenario exercises using common sorbent materials, including training that assists with the understanding of which product is best for each application. Also included in this session is instruction on the practical use and proper deployment of a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Check out a video preview of our training program below!

Space is Limited. Be Sure to Register Early!
Classes are limited at 12 participants to ensure excellent trainer-to-student communication and interaction. To register, download the registration form below and send it to jim.wood@optta.ca