OPTTA On-Line Training Program

The OPTTA On-Line Training Program is a comprehensive, effective, on-line training system providing flexible reporting, simple administration and program management at both the association and member level. The program consists of two “flex” packages, the “Summer Package, and the “Winter Package”.  This allows for OPTTA members to receive driver training (i.e. Defensive Driving & Winter Driving) annually, but have flexibility to select any additional course as the second course within each package. For example, this will allow OPTTA members to select TDG training every three years and other relevant training as desired (e.g. WHMIS, practical vehicle inspection).  See below for course descriptions.

Courses are presented visually in a “show me, tell me, let me try it, and test me” approach.  Tests administered upon completion ensure that the driver comprehends all course material with results being tracked to identify any gaps or areas where drivers require extra attention.

Courses will be available for members through the OPTTA website at a price of $60 per package.  OPTTA members within the Marsh insurance program will receive courses at no charge through the use of a promo code.

To register online, please go here: https://www.carriersedge.com/ce/signup.jsp?carrierId=546

Course Descriptions:


  • provides an overview of straight truck defensive driving practices, outlining the conditions that affect every driving situation, the factors contributing to collisions, and the fundamental rules of defensive driving. Topics include speed and space management, intersections, turning, lane changes, backing up, and dealing with adverse conditions.


  • covers the principles of defensive driving, specifically applied to safe operation in winter weather. Topics discuss equipment preparation and maintenance, identifying and adjusting for adverse winter conditions, handling emergency situations, and additional precautions for mountain driving.


  • provides drivers with the necessary skills to find and apply required information in the TDG Clear Language Regulations. Specific topics address identifying dangerous goods, locating information in Schedules 1, 2, and 3, determining the accuracy of shipping documents, determining whether different goods can be transported together, choosing the proper safety marks, identifying safe handling and loading procedures, and locating information in the ERG.


  • covers the different classes of fire and their specific dangers. It will look at safe workplace practices that will prevent a fire from occurring, as well as the steps to take in the event of a fire. The correct operation of a fire extinguisher will also be discussed.


  • provides an overview of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, specifically for transportation industry workers. Topics include employee rights & responsibilities, the six classes of hazardous materials, supplier labels, workplace labels, Material Safety Data Sheets, and biohazard exposure. A comparison of WHMIS and TDG is also included, highlighting how the two standards work together.


  • based on Techni-Com’s Practical Vehicle Inspection handbook, this course teaches drivers how to apply the rules, complete inspection reports and report defects in compliance with the National Safety Code, Standard 13. It utilizes the Ontario Trucking Association's versions of Schedule 1 and Vehicle Inspection Reports.


  • covers the Regulations for Hours of Service in Canada. An outline of the regulations is provided along with a detailed examination of the correct procedure for filling out daily logs, including sleeper berth and other exceptions. The importance of pre-trip planning and inspection is also discussed.


  • provides a foundation for fuel efficient driving, outlining the factors that influence fuel efficiency (both in and out of a driver’s control) and driving habits that maximize efficiency.